Game Information Mayan Secret Bingo

Mayan Secret Bingo

Mayan Secret Bingo
Are you ready to start an incredible adventure through the mysterious ancient temples?

In this bingo game you can find thousands of hidden secrets and enjoy very exciting 3D animations.

It is the perfect online bingo game to spend your free time, offers a sensational combination of fun animations and incredible prizes

Come and enjoy this fascinating adventure based on the Mayan civilization!
Mayan Secret Bingo

How to play Mayan Secret Bingo

Brief Description : It is a game of bingo video 4 cartons, where 44 balls , plus 11 extras are drawn with the possibility of 22 awards .
Minimum Unit : 0.05

Maximum Unit: 0.25
% Return : It is 89.00 %. With an additional 1.5 % of the Jackpot .
Interruption policy : Each game session user has a unique ID in the system. Case lost the connection, the server saves the last game credit information . After 10 minutes of no communication with the user sets the server logs and credits back to the user's account .
Each game session is stored in case the user claiming servers , you can view each specific LOG close and to provide the necessary information. This resource is used in cases of dispute . Such as the repayment of the loans not automatic , or an error is identified in the game, the credits can be further verified by the department or Customer Containment .

· Choose from 1 to 4 cards with betting 1-10 per carton
· You can choose the number of cartons, 44 balls are drawn , with the possibility of buying 11 extra balls , there are 22 possible awards.
· CUMULATIVE : Pay when you complete a carton with 4 Open cartons and 1 big bet per carton . The displayed value and payment of the aggregate shall be 10 % in 1 bet , bet 20 % on 2, 100 % for 3 or more bet . Only one cumulative proportional to the bet. The accumulated can only be gained in the first 41 balls.

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